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Worlds Most Advanced Tool Belts!!

The Advanced Work Belt is a new state of the art tool belt, it's like no other work belt you have ever worn. The Advanced cam buckle allows the belt to easily be adjusted to any increment from 1/64 of an inch all the way to 10 inches and any increment in between. Unlike other work belts that have pre-set holes 1"-2" apart which makes getting the belt to a perfect tightness almost impossible. To tighten the Advanced Tool Belts simply pull on the cam buckle strap using only one hand, leaving your other hand available for holding and working.

To loosen the belt simply push on the cam buckle's spring loaded lever. Once the Advanced Working Belt has been set comfortably around your waste, you will never need to re-set it again when taking the belt on and off. You simply undo the buckle to take off the belt (keeping the same settings) to put the belt back on you simply place it around your waste and snap the buckle together, unlike other belts that have the preset holes 1"-2" apart that require you to look down and feel to make sure you get the belt loop tongue inserted into the correct hole every time, real hassle: especially if your stomach or clothes are in the way. Belts with preset holes 1"-2" apart never fit perfect, leaving you with no choice but to get a hole puncher and making a new hole to get the perfect fit, which ends up stretching and eventually ripping into the next closest hole leaving the belt useless. With the Advanced Working Belt you don't have to worry about this, the cam buckle never wears out and belt lasts 10 times longer than any other work belt.

Working all day with a set of heavy tool bags on your waist, that are constantly sagging and slipping due to the weight of all the tools and fasteners, always having to pull them back up around your waist, gets extremely annoying! This is why most people don't look forward to putting there tool bags on when they go to work! Leather work belts have pre-set holes in them with increments about an 1"-2" apart, once you find the right set of holes that fits you best making the belt the right tightness, if you happen to get this lucky, there either to loose or to tight, if you do, over time this set of holes gets worn and the belt will also start to stretch making it loose due to all the weight, and the next set of pre-holes are to tight on you. Now you are stuck with a belt that doesn't fit you right, leaving you with no option but to buy another new work belt that will due the same thing again. We'll we have designed a belt that cures all the above mentioned problems and is even twice as comfortable. 

The  Advanced Working Belts cures all these problems by allowing  you to be able to adjust the belt with a simple one handed pull of the strap to the desired tightness and never worrying about it becoming loose, Guaranteed to never slip. No matter what!! If you feel you need to get it just a little bit tighter say 1/8"-1/4" any increment just pull on the the strap to the desired tightness. Which is impossible with any other belt sold. To loosen the belt simply push the cam buckle lever. Once the advanced work belt has been set to the correct tightness you can keep it to this setting even when you take it off and put it back on. To take the belt off just release the buckle (keeping the same cam buckle setting) when it is time to put the belt back on simply pull it up around your waist and snap the buckle keeping the same cam buckle setting, this eliminates having to bend over and look to see if the belt is going to be connected in the correct hole as is the case with most every other work belt. To top it off the advanced working belts are extremely comfortable and light weight. Also the belt will last nearly for ever, the webbing is super tough. Once you wear this belt we guarantee you will never use another belt. This belt is so superior to any other work belt it has a PATENT PENDING with the U.S. Government.


Below are pictures of some of the key features that make the Advanced Working Belt the Worlds Most Advanced Tool Belt!!


To tighten the belt simply pull the strap coming through the Cam Buckle. The Advanced Working belt will tighten to any increment as little as 1/64" all the way to 10". Simply pull the strap until the belt is tight around your waist. As shown here in this picture! Easy!! Guaranteed to never slip.




To loosen the Advanced Working Belt, simply push on the cam buckle lever. As shown here in these pictures! Easy!!


Once you pull on the strap going through the cam buckle that tightens the Advanced Working Belt (as shown in the picture above) to the correct tightness, you will never need to adjust it again when taking the belt on and off, simply un-snap the belt buckle to take the belt off and then re-snap the belt buckle to put the Advanced Working Belt back on. Never needing to look down to find the holes to put the buckle tongue into as you do with all other tool belts. Simply un-snap the buckle and then re-snap it. Easy!! As shown in the picture below.


The Advanced Working Belt below has already been tightened to the correct tightness, now all you have to do to put the Advanced Working Belt back on is simply snap the buckle, no fumbling looking down trying to find the correct hole to get the buckle tongue into. Easy!
















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The Advanced Suspenders can attach to any belt, by the suspenders belt loop. The suspenders belt loop is adjustable so it can be tightened around any size belt.


Look how thick, soft and plush these suspenders are looped over your shoulders!!


The Cam Buckles allow the suspenders to be adjusted to any increment, to tighten the suspenders simply pull the strap coming through the cam buckle (as shown below). To loosen the suspenders simply push on the cam buckle lever.




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